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UAN Service

Online UAN Service

Are you know UAN member portal provide which type of UAN services? If you are looking for which type of service provide UAN portal. Then you are the right place. Here we will explain all the features of UAN which is they are provided.

In this Article we will discuss about UAN services like How to check UAN status online, Find UAN helpdesk number online, EPF Balance check, status of EPFO claim online or offline, How to Login or register at UAN member portal.

UAN Service

What is UAN?

UAN means Universal Account Number, It is a 12 digit number provide by EPFO Portal. EPFO has made Universal Account Number or UAN compulsory for all businesses secured under the Employees Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act 1952. Each representative of an association with a dynamic Provident Fund record is distributed a UAN. With the UAN services administrations offered by EPFO, employee can check their EPF balance, exchange stores from old record to a current record and furthermore get month to month credit updates and alarms through SMS.

UAN Services Helpdesk

If you have any query then you can call on UAN helpdesk number. There are one number declared by UAN portal for any kind of help. You can call for any kind of help. Today we will share EPF and UAN helpline number.

  • 1800 11 8005
  • Time: 9:15 A.M to 5:45 P.M

You can call this number between 9:15 A.M to 5:45 P.M excluding holiday. What kind of problems UAN helpdesk solve.

  • Change or Update your Mobile number
  • KYC is updated or not, it is check
  • Update or change Father’s or Husband’s Name
  • If Mismatched Date of birth or Member ID
  • Forgot password or change the password

In case of overlooked UAN login Password and the mobile number is changed, there is no real way to recover the UAN Password with the exception of reaching UAN support. Generally employee can reset the password at UAN Login and the new password will be sent to SMS.

For changing mobile number in EPF account, representatives need to enlist a whine at UAN helpdesk portal. Fill the points of interest of EPFO portal.

Name, Mobile Number, Member id or PF number, father name, date of birth and the favored dialect for correspondence. There are maximum 1000 characters limit for writing your any problem.

How to Check UAN Status

There are many ways to check your UAN status online or offline. You can see your UAN status at UAN member portal.

The way toward UAN to new individuals required gathering the statement type of past employee and new employees. Employers can give past part Id or UAN to the past part’s id shown on a screen. In case framework discovers outs the distinctive name or date of birth (DOB) of the representative. That data by the employee to confirm specific points of interest of that employee. If a representative enrolled with the UAN, they are anything but difficult to check UAN status through online for another worker.

To check UAN status online follow the steps as given below:

  • First of all open the official website of UAN
  • Select the state code and your EPFO establishment code
  • After that enter PF number
  • Then enter extension code and if don’t know then you can leave blank
  • You can open this link for now establishment code
  • After filling all the details you can click on “Check status”
  • So you have seen one windows and you can look your process to check UAN status

UAN Member Portal

Different administrations accommodated representatives/retired people who are login into above UAN member portal. By utilizing this UAN member portal to check EPFO claim status, PF balance and pulled back information. The UAN number does not change with the change of occupations in different businesses. By utilizing this number you simple to exchange your EPF balance. Today every worker who stores into the EPF has the UAN. There is accessible many advantages of the UAN, So you should enact it. Enactment is done through the UAN member portal.

UAN is required for any representative since, all the Employee Provident Fund Organization administrations are connected with the UAN number. With the technology there are numerous new elements included for the advantage of representatives in the UAN member portal. Thus every employee must access UAN member portal as right on time as could reasonably be expected.

UAN Member Portal Facilities

UAN member portal provide various facilities like Download EPF passbook, UAN card, Update KYC details as well as personal details in the UAN member portal login.

This Information about the Each and Every Detail for the UAN Portal. The New Employee can Register the UAN Portal Can Easy Step by Step Procedure are Given Below this page can give the what is UAN Login, How To Register and How Its Benefits and How To Use All Information:

  • Employee can receive the UAN Details to Login the EPFO Website
  • At that point Now Search the “UAN Registration” Option on the page to Click and Now Enter the Required Details like Member ID, Mobile Number, and UAN Number.
  • Once Enter the Mobile Number now Get Receive the PIN on your Register Mobile Number Then Enter the UAN login portal.
  • All Required UAN Details are Enter now Enter the Receive PIN Number on the Mobile Phone likewise Enter to Submit Option.
  • After Submission, the all the UAN details are Verified.

Document Required For KYC

There are few document required for KYC correction or updates. The list of all the documents are listed below:

  • Aadhar card
  • PAN card
  • Ration card
  • Passport
  • Election card
  • Bank passbook

How to Download UAN Card Online

First of all you will log in at UAN member portal with your UAN username and password. Then after click on download so your UAN card download. You will see one windows that are appear your UAN card.

Hope you will understand what type of UAN services provided by UAN member portal. Also we shared all the details information on the UAN login portal, How to check UAN status and so on. For more UAN service you can contact through below comment box. We will accept user feedback.

UAN Number: How to Generate UAN Number Online?

UAN Number

What is UAN Number?

The UAN number is made of 12 digits. It is allotted to the employees those contributing to the EPF. The UAN EPF Number is a next step to the services of EPF on the online platform and it makes more user-friendly. Know how to check provident fund claim status through UAN at our portal.

Entire the service life  UAN Number remains the same of the employee. It also doesn’t change when you change the job. It is the name which implies on the universal account number and provides the necessary details. The front side of UAN EPF Number contains the name, father’s/ husband’s name, user ID etc and the back side of the UAN displays the new five members those are connected with it.

UAN Number


  1. The EPFO issues employers the UAN number of all the employees. In this employer contributes to the EPF. It is your first job because of that you don’t have the UAN NUMBER. The employer will approach the EPFO for making the number with the member identification member. For deposit the EPF money, the member should have the number which is given by the EPFO.
  2. If an employee having a UAN EPF number already, then an employee can request to the EPFO to make a new member ID for the employee. After making the EPFO ID then it will be connected to the employee’s UAN EPF number.
  3. After this, the employer gives the number to the employee.
  4. The employees have to give their KYC papers to the employer.
  5. The employer must update to know your customer details on the EPFO website portal.

Know How to Get UAN Number

  • PF number- The person can get this from the salary slip of an applicant.
  • Date of birth- Sometimes it differs from the records of EPFO.

Check UAN Number

  • Name- As per the PF records.
  • Mobile number- The person should give the number which is on and valid so that the PIN can be sent.

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How to Check UAN Number Status?

After the UAN Number got from the employer they visit the EPFO website and click on the ‘activate your UAN Number based registration’ tab. Read the constructions thoroughly and click on ‘I have read and understood the instructions’. Also you can check UAN member service portal.

Information: After that, they ask you to enter your mobile number and UAN EPF Number. Next, you have to select your EPF office address and your state. Also, enter the member ID. After entering these details, click on ‘get PIN’.

Authorization: when the pin is generated then it will be sent to your mobile number. This number will be submitted for activation complete.

User ID and password: After the activation is completed, you will be asked to create your ID and password to connect the UAN number service helpdesk.

What can Do After Logging in UAN Number?

After log in into the account one can do

  • Download UAN Number/Passbook Card
  • List previous member view connecting status
  • View transfer claim/File Transfer Claim/System generated Transfer Claim Status
  • Edit Email ID/ Edit mobile number/ Update KYC Information/ Change password/ Edit Personal Details
  • Helpdesk email id, helpdesk number, EPFO website, view FAQ
  • Logout.

If you have any issues or query related to UAN number online then you can contact UAN helpline number so your problem will be solved. Our website shared many of information related to UAN and EPF like How to pay EPF payment, EPF balance, UAN member login portal and many more. In future we will shared more interesting and needful articles so connect with us!

UAN Status: How to Check UAN Activation Status Online?

UAN Status


UAN stands for Universal Account number activation online. The members of EPF can check their UAN status here.  If you are a member of EPFO then also activate to the Universal Account number. At the EPFO member portal, the UAN status can be activated. The activated UAN online status can help the employee or employer to get the extra conveniences and facilities from UAN activation status.

UAN made up with 12 digits and it is exclusive to each member. This 12 digit is issued to the member with a lifetime power. The UAN status remains the same blindly of the changes of the workplace. If a person is a PF member and not gathered the UAN number then he must check into the UAN status online. Employees can check other employees UAN activation status.

UAN Status

The UAN gives the useful facilities. Now Employees can connect their UAN status with their radar, PAN and bank accounts. While employees withdrawing the PF the lots of commotion saves. The UAN cannot change with the change of workplace. Employees activate a huge number of a universal account number. Firstly, you will have to collect the UAN from the employer. If the number is not yet generated use the method to sign the UAN status. Employees can themselves develop and track the PF claim status online without any help of the employers.


The EPF member ID is required to sign the UAN status. To the EPF members, 22 digits unique member ID is given. For more information, log into the EPFO page. Keep your necessary details with you before checking to the UAN status.

Follow these steps to check the status of your universal account number:

  1. Reach to the ‘Know your UAN Status page by clicking on the link.
  2. Select the appropriate options for your district or EPFO office.
  3. The first two boxes of EPF number will be filled in after entering your district and state.Check UAN Status
  4. Next step is to type the extensive code and establishment code to complete your EPF account number.
  5. If you don’t have your PF account number, the extensive code then leaves it blank.
  6. If you don’t know the establishment code then you can check it from the link.
  7. After entering all the details click on the button ‘check status’.
  8. Now you will get the UAN status message on your screen. The message will also tell you about the UAN message are issued to you or not.

If UAN status is not generated then the person can send a request for generating it. For getting the UAN number by SMS on your phone enter the necessary details like your birth date, name, and mobile number. Enter the captcha code and password. After entering the necessary details from the link which you opened click on the button ‘get PIN’. After this step, you are able to receive your PIN on your mobile number by SMS. Where the PIN is required enter they are and click on the submit button. Now you can receive SMS when the UAN made, for the generation the UAN status it will take minimum to minimum a period of 7 days.

Required Detail For Check UAN Status Online

  • Name of the member
  • Member mobile number
  • Password with User name
  • Mobile number

Benefits of Online UAN

There are many benefits after activating online UAN. There are following benefits given:

  • After registration online  UAN you will get more freedom
  • You can check all details regarding UAN or EPF
  • Download UAN passbook online at any time
  • Check monthly amount like employee and employer contribution

Now you check UAN status online so not necessary to go to EPFO office. Hope you understand how to check status of UAN and if you have any query then write in the below comment section. So we will try to solve your query as soon as early possible. Our portal is also shared how to pay EPF online, check online PF claim status and many more. Stay connected with us for more information on EPF and UAN related service or kind of help.

Bhamashah Seeding: How to Get Bhamashah Login Card Online?

Bhamashah seeding

What is Bhamashah Seeding?

Bhamashah Seeding is a unique part of the Bhamashah Yojana which is being started by Mr. Vasundhara Radhe, the Chief Minister of Rajasthan, being introduced in 2008. This scheme was given name during the rule of Maharana Pratap. The main objective of this scheme is to make people aware of the various welfare schemes and programs to empower women and children by huge allocations of money in their accounts.

This Bhamashah Seeding is an integral part of a huge scheme which focuses on various benefits being provided to women for their empowerment and to make them strong enough to stand on their own for her children and family. This scheme includes the cash as well as the non-cash benefits. The biometric process is being used for this scheme to secure the safety of women along with providing them the multi-purpose identity card.

Bhamashah seeding

In Rajasthan Bhamashah Card Scheme was started in 2008. It’s destinations are of monetary consideration and to enable the womens of the State. Around 50 lakh women were selected and 29 lakh records were opened in this stage. Our portal also offers many of online government services  like UAN services online, UAN login portal, Online transfer claim portal and many more.

What is the need of Bhamashah Seeding?

Some minor changes have also been made in this scheme i.e., Bhamashah Seeding to enhance its benefits to make it a huge platform. The main motive of this scheme is to make the women being capable, independent, and empowered. It is all about the women, this is the need of every state to develop the skills among women to realize a great aspiration in them.

It can develop the power of unity along with strengthening the society as well. The most important and effective impact of this Bhamashah Seeding is the complete empowerment of women and the strengthening of the society.

Procedure Followed For Bhamashah Yojana Scheme:

There is a certain procedure to be followed to be a part of this Bhamashah seeding scheme, i.e.  Bhamashah Seeding, which is as follows:

  • One must have to visit the website
  • Now, you have to click on the option of “Close user group”.
  • You will se the two links being represented on your screen among which you have to click on the option ‘seeding application’.
  • Now, you have to fill the details to get a particular I’d and password to avail the services of different departments under one single roof.
  • Then login to the Bhamashah Seeding accounts with the provided user id and password.
  • Now, you can search your inquiry and will get the complete & relevant data in front of your screen.
  • You may also have to fill your Aadhar Card number and then will have to save & submit.
  • Now, all your data will be saved and you can now access your account whenever required.

Compare Bhamashah Card With Aadhar Card

There are many different features available in Bhamashah card compared to Aadhar card. All the detail explanation is below:

  • Bhamashah card is available only in Rajasthan while Aadhar card is available in world wide
  • Bhamashah scheme provide free health insurance upto Rs 30,000 while Aadhar card is provide any facility, it is only for identity proof
  • Bhamashah card is only for Rajasthan women while Aadhar card available for all over Indian people

Bhamashah card

So Bhamashah card is used for multi purpose while Aadhar card is used only for identity proof at various places like Bank, Post office, etc.

How to Get Bhamashah Card

There are two ways to get Bhamashah card offline as well as online. For offline the government organized camp in each Rural and Urban area like Gram Panchayat or Nagar Nigam. For online visit the Bhamashah portal and fill all the necessary information so you will got the Bhamashah card.

Benefits of Bhamashah Seeding:

There are so many benefits of this Bhamashah Seeding among which the women empowerment is the most effective and important. It is a very needful and great step being started by the Rajasthan Government in the favor of women for their development. The country can now develop with a great and rapid speed.

The government has planned to provide a specific Aadhar Number to all the residents (Indian) to be used in various purposes. This step will boost the development of women financially.

This scheme, i.e. Bhamashah Seeding, has planning to use the biometric system for the women to secure their safety while withdrawing or depositing money. This system will record the biometric of women which will be identified or verified whenever they will withdraw or deposit the money in their bank accounts.

All these benefits are now taking the Rajasthan State to a new height of development. These benefits are very much beneficial for the safety of women. We will also shared many of government schemes like Bharat QR code scheme, Pravasi kaushal yojana, How to check status of UAN an many more.This Bhamashah Seeding is a very effective step for the safety of women to secure their future as well.

PDS Jharkhand: How to Know Online Jharkhand PDS System?

PDS Jharkhand

Online PDS Jharkhand:

The Jharkhand Government has decided to improve the PDS system to stop or reduce corruption. The PDS Jharkhand has been suffering from a huge trouble as most of the distribution outlets cannot even identify many cardholders due to their missing fingerprints and this one factor lacks in the equal distribution of the commodities.

In the PDS Jharkhand system, the machines installed are able to recognize only about half of the cardholders and rest has resulted in the denial of ration cards and inappropriate Aadhar technology in the rural section of Jharkhand.

Jharkhand PDS

What is Jharkhand PDS?

PDS stands for Public Distribution System (food security system), being established by the Government of India and this system comes under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food, and Public Distribution.

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The PDS means the equal distribution of all the essential commodities to a larger section of the society via the fair price shops. These essential commodities include wheat, rice, sugar, and kerosene. This system was first introduced by the Government of India in 1940.

Economist Reviews On Public Distribution System (PDS):

As said by the economist, Jean Dreze, he is a person who has worked a lot on the issues related to hunger, famine, gender, child health, inequality etc., the new system, i.e. In PDS Jharkhand requires a lot of new or fragile technologies to work properly at the same time. He also suggested to collecting all the ground data properly to enter the unique identity numbers of the cardholders in order to link the same with the ration cards.

PDS Jharkhand

PDS Control Order in Jharkhand:

It has been announced that in the PDS Jharkhand will be implemented soon by issuing the control orders for the same. This statement was announced by the Food and Supply Minister of Jharkhand state, Saryu Rai. He also announced that the food grains will also be provided to the Below Poverty Line (BPL) and the Above Poverty Line (APL) at the subsidized rates and the state government now has to allocate the additional funds for the same in order to improve the PDS in Jharkhand. About 1,78,000 fake ration cards being issued to the BPL families have been deleted from the lists. He also stated that the Jharkhand government will pay the compensation to those BPL cardholders who have failed to get the foodgrains from the PDS shops due to some reasons.

PDS Jharkhand’s Status:

Jharkhand is a state where numerous people are finding themselves as deprived of the PDS entitlements. Jharkhand had thus made it compulsory to link the Aadhar Card Numbers of the cardholders to encourage the Aadhar based biometric authentication to reduce the corruption in the department of PDS Jharkhand.

The PDS Jharkhand has strongly favored this new technology to reduce the corruption in the PDS and it was linked to the Consumer Affair Ministry as to fix the accountability of the officials. The Jharkhand PDS has found that multiple ration cards have been issued as fake to the one same person to create a dilemma for the dealers working under the Public Distribution System (PDS).

The government has now announced to provide about 5kg rice and wheat every month to more than about 2.33 crore people at the rate of Re. 1/- only. This is such a great step taken by the government to improve the PDS in Jharkhand. The process of checking the Unique Identity Numbers of the cardholders is now enhanced well to stop the corruption in the PDS. This step was taken by the government after a research in which the Ranchi district was found guilty to prepare about 7,000 duplicate cards.

In the PDS Jharkhand, the department of food and civil supplies has now decided to link the ration cards with the Aadhar card numbers being issued to the public to eliminate the duplicity and about 70 lakh cards have been already linked. At our portal we will many of government schemes like QR code bharat, EPF related information how to check PF claim, login at EPFO, check UAN online status and more. So connected with us more information!

Challan Status: How to Check OLTAS & TDS Challan Status Online?

challan status

Challan Status Online

Are you know how to check challan status online? There are lots of income tax and other online challan available. So pay Tax Challan Status , All the individuals who need to confirm Challan Status online from Income Tax website can look at it here. You can look at it every one of the subtle elements of challan status.

TDS (Tax deducted at source) is a circuitous method for expense gathered from the administration to have a consistent stream of salary income to run the nation. TDS Challan acts like a proof of installment of your TDS. It acts as pay as you procure design. This type of assessment gathering is done by the Income Tax Act, 1961.

challan status

Types of Challan

Here we will shared all type of challan status name so you can know how many types of challan available in India.

  • OLTAS Challan
  • TD S Challan
  • Traffic Challan
  • Challan 280
  • EPF Challan
  • Challan 281

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OLTAS Challan Status Enquiry Procedure for Taxpayers

Wage charge office activity known as OLTAS keeps up a record of paid expenses. The information is transferred online through banks. Find below the two distinctive method to check salary charge challan status. Utilize the choices given under the “For citizens” segment. You can also check ESIC member login.

What is CIN?

CIN assumes fundamental part in paying assessments. CIN is a hard evidence that assessment is paid on the web. Some of the time it happens that duty sum doesn’t consider the stored bank. That is the reason oltas challan status administration is propelled. Particular challan number is given to citizen. With Challan status request he or she can see that expense sum is stored on their name.

OLTAS Challan

CIN number is given simply after the effective installment of assessments. Citizen must guard it with them. It is a real confirmation that they have paid the charges. So that you have any uncertainty identified with Challan Status Inquiry you can undoubtedly get your inquiries explained by going to tin-nsdl official site.

CIN Based View

  1. Visit the OLTAS page at
  2. Select CIN based view.
  3. Enter the BSR code of the bank through which you have paid TAX. Likewise, enter the serial number of the challan. Enter the challan date too.
  4. Click on the view catch subsequent to entering the security code.
  5. You will see the affirmation of your installment.
  6. If you have entered the sum, the affirmation screen will likewise demonstrate the sum.

CIN Indicate by comma

Challan Identification Number (CIN) comprises of subtle elements, for example, BSR Code of Collecting Branch (seven digit) , Challan Tender Date (DDMMYYYY) and Challan Serial No (length not exactly or equivalent to 5 digit) and Amount.

The sum is a discretionary field. So that the sum is entered by the citizen he would get the affirmation whether sum entered is coordinated or generally according to NSDL database.

For e.g., if the citizen input “CSI 0310007,11032090,7,6000” where in “0310007” is the BSR code of the gathering branch,

So that you have as of now Challan number with you, you can without much of a stretch track challan status through CIN based system. This online office is found for those citizens who have officially paid their expenses however they don’t think about that sum is really accounted on their name. For this Challan Status Inquiry administration is propelled. This activity is useful in conveying you the status of their challan on the web. Here we will indicate you both CIN based and TAN based challan Status. If it’s not too much trouble take after the methodology as specified under.

National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) gives CIN (Challan Identification Number) based perspective of direct duty challans to citizens to know the status of challan on its site. Not with standing the above office, NSDL has propelled a Short Message Service (SMS) based office to know the status of its challans. The method for benefiting this office is as under:

The citizen can send a SMS to 575758 with a message containing the word CSI taken after by a space and CIN given by the individual Bank at the season of making the Direct assessment installment.

Check Other Tax Status

TAN Based View

This technique is helpful when you are not having your challan no. with you. You can check status of challan by utilizing your TAN number.

  1. Use a similar connection given for the OLTAS.
  2. Select TAN based view before continuing.
  3. Type the TAN number and select term for which you need to confirm.
  4. Repeat the captcha code as appeared and tap on the “see” tab.

The OLTAS framework encourages citizens too the gathering banks. Gathering banks can likewise check wage expense and TDS challan status.

Challan Status Enquiry

Here is a total technique for the banks to check the challan status:

For Collecting Bank Branches

The assessment gathering banks can see taking after points of interest which will check the challan status. Banks need to give branch scroll date significant head code.

  • Challan serial number
  • Challan date
  • PAN/TAN number
  • Name of the citizen
  • Amount of the expense paid

For Nodal Bank Branch

The nodal bank offices would to give the nodal scroll date with the real head code depiction. Taking after points of interest will be appeared on the screen.

  • Scroll date
  • Nodal branch look over no.
  • Major head code
  • Total measure of the assessment installment
  • Number of branches
  • Total number of challans

Facilitate, data like BSR code, branch scroll number can be seen for each nodal branch scroll number.

Income tax  challan status enquiry framework has streamlined the challan confirmation handle. With the presentation of OLTAS, a solitary page challan is additionally presented. Clients can confirm their salary charge installment with or without challan distinguishing proof number.

Make certain that you check the status of the challan simply following one week from the date of assessment installment. It takes few days for transferring the information to the OLTAS framework. Checking salary charge installment is as imperative as its auspicious installment.

You should know about paying duties disconnected. Be that as it may, in the matter that you are searching for the method for how to pay TDS on the web, you are at the opportune place. Without stresses you can pay coordinate expenses online through TDS challan on the web.

This challan is the shape which you have to download and pay the assessments through this. You can pay your arrival online through approved bank. When you store your sum through Visa or net managing an account office you will get one receipt number and that is your Challan Identification Number. This challan serial number will help you in demonstrating that your sum is enrolled in your name. With the assistance of this challan you can report the inquiries if any sort of chapter 11 happens in paying charges. It would be ideal if you take after the below specified strides to check the TDS Challan Status on the web.

Know Steps For check TDS Challan Status

  • TDS challan is done through going by the challan status official website
  • There are two option like CIN based or TAN based
  • If you go with CIN based give some details like BSR code, Challan date, Serial No, etc
  • After filling all the details click on Capta
  • Last click on “View challan”

You will be recognized that your sum is stored in the bank and sum is enlisted on your name. This is the means by which one can follow 281, 280 challan status on the web.

E-Challan is the least demanding approach to pay charges on the web. It gives you the receipt which is enlisted in the tin-nsdl site. You can likewise check the yearly assessment forms and adjust through tin-nsdl portal.

Conclusion of Challan Status

The Income assess office has demanded this Challan Status on each subject of India. This is accomplished for the improvement of its national and the nation. Each capable national needs to pay their TDS Taxes on time.

Our portal share a number of challan status soon like challan 281, Traffic Challan and other. All corporate evaluates different surveys subject for the Tax Audit under Section 44AB to check the dates for effective TDS installment to the Income assess office.Also we shared many Government schemes like Bhamashah  login seeding, UAN login, PDS jarkhand and more. If you know more or any query then comment in the below comment section , we will as soon as possible early solve your query.

EPFO Portal: How to Work EPFO Member Portal Online?

EPF Portal

What is EPFO Portal?

Want to know what is EPFO portal? EPF refers to the “Employees Provident Fund” which is being provided to every salaried employee in which the amount taken for PF is about 12% being deducted from the employee’s salary and the same will be contributed by the employer. The whole EPF system is managed by the EPFO at the EPFO portal. Also you know how to check PF claim onlineonline as well as offline through this portal.

This scheme of EPFO portal was inacted in 1952 in India. The whole administration of this Act is being carried out by the Central Board of Trustees including three parties such as the government, employers, and employees.

EPFO Portal

Benefits of EPF Portal:

The EPFO portal is one of the most important types of savings. There are various advantages of EPF Portal which includes:

Tax-free earnings: The EPFO Portal is providing the interest being tax-free in the EPF account. This is the best way to optimize an increasing growth and returns on savings. Through this portal you can also pay online EPF  payment so no need to go any office.

EPF Portal

Financial Security: The available funds in the EPF account are not easy to withdraw. There are a lot of advantages in regards to the financial security such as retirement, emergencies, loss of income, pension, insurance, and long-term savings option.

Retirement Benefit Provided by EPFO Portal:

The EPF Portal also provides the retirement benefits with the help of the contribution of both the employee and the employer along with the yearly dividends. This EPF Portal very helpful in providing the best possible retirement benefits by which you will not have to depend on others at your retirement age. Various kinds of incapacitate and death benefits are also covered through the EPF Portal. Also know how to works online ESIC login portal

Importance of EPFO Portal:

People are nowadays so much aware of the EPF balance being deducted from their salary and always want to know about the same which they can easily do with the help of OTCP EPF Portal. EPF Portal has its own importance as it introduces people with various new schemes and pension plans.

It is very important for people to work hard in order to earn their livings and thus EPF Portal is providing the best EPF services to the people. EPF Portal recommends every organization to generate the EPF contribution to get various future benefits. This is a kind of savings which will help you at the time of your retirement and you can also check the EPF balance regularly with the help of EPFO Portal. If you don”t know how to generate UAN number then you go to our portal we will describe it.

The EPF Portal is providing a tax-free Indian account to your PF. The EPFO Portal allows people to get a compound interest on their EPF balance. The EPF Portal allows people to withdraw this amount on retirement. Thus, there are lots of benefits of UAN EPF Portal which can help people to get various advantages without even depending on others. It is a govt. approved EPF Portal which helps in a proper manner to all of its users.

The EPFO Portal is a valid authority to help people on getting all possible benefits being provided by the govt. along with the proper guidance to check their balance on a regular basis. At our portal also we shared information how to login at UAN portal online.  We shared many more information on UAN and EPF related so stay connected with us more information. If you don”t know any thing then feel free and write in the comment section we will solve your query.

ESIC Login: How to Online Login at Employee State Insurance Corporation?



Want to know how to online ESIC login? ESIC means Employees State Insurance Corporation. It is a corporation which is beneficial to the employees in some cases like sickness, in a maternity period in the case of women etc. It is an act 1948 which help the individual in their helping time. Also you know how to login at EPFO portal.

Now online ESIC login facility is started. So with the help of user name and password you can login at ESIC portal.

ESIC Login


Here we explain all the details of ESIC like how to login at ESIC portal, what is necessary, which steps taken and etc,

  • First of all visit here
  • After visiting you seen the right side corner that are User login
  • If you are regisrtered member then you have your user name
  • Enter user name mostly user name is 17 digit code of employer


If you are not registered member then you have to sign up at ESIC portal. For the sign up process follow this easy steps:


An individual can say ESIC login is a scheme as well as an organization which is made under the Indian government. It is a project which is socially improving, self-financing and managed by a corporation which named as ESIC. It is an independent agency which governs itself. It comes under the Ministry of labor and employment which is made by the government of India.


ESI is an act which comes into existence in 1952. This law takes so much time to come in the formation and this research done by the B. P. Adarkar. The researcher B. P. Adarkar is appointed by the government of India for the research and they provided a report on the aspects of people working in the industries, the report was on health and insurance. He submitted the report in 1948 and this report becomes the basis for the Employees State Insurance Corporation portal.


Since this act was created only for the people who work in industries, the class people of industries. The government next thought is to implement the same bill for all the kinds of organizations which have 10 or more workers. Now the total number of benefiting individuals comes under this act is roughly around 60+ million.


With ESIC there are lots of confusions, this ESIC login can raise many questions in the individual mind who have no idea about what is ESIC login is, what is the work of ESIC login, what are the benefits to the employees. Yes, we all know it is the government organization an individual don’t have any problem regarding the trust but there are many people who can’t actually understand what ESIC login is. We are tried to make simple to simpler that there is no problem to understand it.

The distribution of the fund in the ESIC login is like this; the 1/8th  fund to the person who is doing the job and remaining 7/8th fund to the Indian government. This fund is managed by the ESI corporation which is popularly known as ESIC. The fund which is collected managed under the act of ESI, they make sure the people that they will get the maximum benefits like medical and other financial benefits.

This ESIC login has a lot of benefits like maternity leave in the case of women employee, unemployment cash.

The main benefit of ESIC is medical treatment. ESIC login offers treatment not only to the employee but also to the members of the family of the employee. This act assures that the direct family member of an employee can have the treatment in more than 140 different hospitals and from more than the 1400 private doctors. The family members and employee only can get the treatment from the registered hospitals and doctors those are registered under the act.

Frequency Asked Question (FAQ)

We will sharing some FAQ. So please read it crefully and if you thinking there are needed some changes then put your comment. So we will improve it.

  • What is the Procedure of  Employer ESIC Registration?

Ans: When the company is established after that between the 15 days employer registered his/her company by submitting the necessary document at concern regional office.

  • What is ESIC username at Login portal?

Ans: It is a 17 digit employer code which is given by Regional office  at the time of registration.

Hope you will understand how to ESIC login online with the ESIC portal. Although if you have any query related to ESIC then you will contact through comment box. Our portal shared all government information like what is EPFO portal, Online PF payment, UAN status check online, UAN services online, Online transfer claim portal and many more.

OTCP Portal: What is EPF Online Transfer Claim Portal ?

OTCP Portal

What is OTCP Portal?

Want to know how to work OTCP portal online? If you are looking for how this portal works then you are the right place. Here we will describe all the detail information on OTCP portal works with its advantages. How to transfer EPF OTCP online possible?

OTCP Portal means Online Transfer Claim Portal. Now EPFO announced that it will transfer old account to new account transfer so employees are don’t in trouble after leave or change the job. Moreover you can also make claim transfer through EPFO claim status facility.

OTCP Portal

OTCP stands for the “Online Transfer Claim Portal” which means the online transfer of the claims on a particular portal via online.

Steps For Online EPF Claim Through OTCP Portal

Know how to submit EPF claim status through this OTCP portal. How it works. Below is the perfect procedure described. Simple follow this steps:

  • First of all your registration is compulsory at EPFO claim portal. If you are registered members then you can simply log in from the online portal.
  • If you are not registered members then click on registration. And fill all the necessary details like personal information Name, Mobile number, ID card, etc.
  • Your existing and new Employers both are registered in EPFO database portal
  • Employers digital signature process is completed as per EPFO
  • If you have any doubt like you are eligible or not for online transfer then click here
  • After open above website there are Our service section, in that section click on For employer
  • Then click on “Check Eligibility for online transfer claim”
  • After that enter your Existing and current employers PF number
  • Then there are two options one is “Click here for login” to online transfer claim and another is “Click here to Registered” for online transfer claim
  • If you are eligible but not registered yet then visit for online registered and transfer online claim process.

UAN Activation

Reasons For Reject Online Claim From OTCP Portal

There are few reasons why OTCP portal reject your online claim. As per my analysis we will here shared all the reasons:

  • If you claim but EPFO don’t reply yet and you are re claim then it is rejected
  • If your employer digital signature is not submitted then it is the reason your claim reject
  • As per EPFO portal your signature mismatched
  • Compare with EPFO or OTCP portal your record mismatched

How to Submit Online Transfer Claim Form 13

Here we will explain few steps for how to submit Hard copy of online transfer claim Form 13 at OTCP portal. So follow these steps:

  • First of all go to the official website
  • After that click on “CLICK ” Menu options
  • In Menu options click on view status of transfer claim
  • Submit the print out means hard copy to your present and previous employers
  • After that you have to submit claim form and your employers can reject your claim application after  15 days

Procedure For Transfer EPF Account Online

There are certain steps to request for online transfer EPF account. So here we will guide how to transfer EPF account and all the details:

  • Open the following website
  • Enter your KYC documents
  • There are one CLAIM menu options so click on “Request for Transfer EPF Account”
  • You have to enter your personal account details and also give your previous EPF account details
  • Enter your present EPF account details under the application form
  • There are two options you are submit your transfer claim form to the present employers or your previous employers
  • Enter the captcha code and click on “GET PIN”. So PIN receive on your registered mobile number
  • After enter the PIN click on Submit button

Steps For Submit EPF Transfer Claim Through UAN Member Portal

Here we will explain how to transfer your EPF account claim online at OTCP portal. So simple follow this steps for know all the details:

  • Go to the official website of UAN MEMBER PORTAL LOGIN
  • After that you can transfer your EPF claim online at
  • You can login in at UAN Portal with your user name and password
  • Then click on ”Add Previous Member ID”
  • And check you are eligible for online EPF claim transfer or not
  • You can submit Form 13 or application at UAN portal
  • So now you check your OTCP Status

Benefits of OTCP (Online Transfer Claim Portal):

There are lots of benefits of OTCP which are being provided by the unique organization, i.e. EPFO, to all the employees as well as the employers. These benefits are as follows:

  • OTCP portal (Online Transfer Claim Portal)makes it easy for the employers to transfer the EPF of the employees on time via this online portal.
  • This portal helps the employees to check their EPF amount regularly without depending on others.
  • OTCPhas increased the importance of EPF scheme.
  • This Online Transfer Claim Portal has reduced the workload of EPFO in many ways.

What is OTCP?

OTCP refers to a particular online portal where the transfer of claims has been done by the employers. Employers have to follow a strict rule to register their company with the EPF procedure on having 10 or more than 10 employees. According to this EPF scheme, the employers have to deduct about 12% of the current salary of each employee and also have to contribute the same 12% in their account in respect of EPF (Employees Provident Fund).

This EPF scheme is regulated and maintained by the EPFO (Employees’ Provident Fund Organization). This organization has launched an online portal to maintain this whole procedure of transferring the Provident Fund Claims where the employers can easily transfer their deducted amount directly to their bank accounts without any delay or issue.

OTCP Portal has gained a great importance in the recent years due to its features and wide usage. This online portal not only helps an employer to transfer the claims but also helps an employee to check his EPF balance online whenever he wants.It is an online portal which was launched by the EPFO in September 2014. This portal has issued around 41.7 million UAN (Universal Account Numbers).

This is the whole procedure to get registered with the OTCP portal to access all its features. Thus, OTCP (Online Transfer Claim Portal) is the perfect solution for the employers as well as the employees to maintain the EPF balance online.

I Hope you will understand all the things related to the OTCP Portal. If there are some issues or problems then you will contact through below comment box. Our portal also shared some information on UAN and EPF related like UAN online services,  UAN member portal, online EPF payment, and many more. Also stay connected with us for more useful and informative information.

EPFO Login: Know How to Login at EPFO Member Portal?

EPFO Login


In India, EPFO login which provides some offers to the employees with some benefits. They don’t only administer the EPF accounts but also helpful for employees. To take the services from EPFO the employees or members have to register themselves in the EPFO login. Also you know how to work EPFO online portal.

It is must to know the EPF member about how to work on EPFO Login this helps the member to see the profit of his account. EPFO has newly introduced the online facility for transferring the EPF account, it is helpful for the employees to carry out this account for life. They provide offline services to the employees as well. Now a days if you want to know your EPF balance then you can login at UAN portal or check UAN activation status online.

EPFO Login


The members or employees those have the hold on a PF account they can log in and register into EPFO member portal. After registration, the employee can experience some facilities after login. The member doesn’t need any User ID or any password to open their account.

The member can register to this by using a mobile number and document number. The employees can use PAN card or Passport number, Aadhar card or Voter ID to log into the EPFO login Portal.


  • Check your PF balance
  • Avoid bother to the EPFO office and view your EPFO claim status
  • The employee can update the status of EPF claims along with the actions at EPFO office. You can check online the simple process of PF claim. If the employee has any queries about it then he can drop his comment below.


If the employee wants to visit the EPFO site then there is the website where he can see ( There are some steps which employee need to follow:

  • The link which is mentioned above click on that and you can know your claim status.
  • You need to select your state and click on the ‘Search For Establishment Code’.
  • If you know the city of your EPFO office then you can select the ‘Establishment under office’.
  • After this step, you will get the 7 digit Establishment code which is member ID, contains 3 characters extensive code.
  • If you do not receive the 3 character code then you can leave the extensive code empty.
  • Enter your PF account number.
  • After all these steps click on the button submit for next step UAN EPFO login employer login.


There are some facilities which are useful provided by UAN and EPFO login member portal which includes:

  • Must download the passbook to know your monthly activity.
  • Download UAN card.
  • Update and enter KYC details.
  • It have list of all the member’s IDs
  • You can transfer account online.
  • Upload your personal data like the address.

EPFO portal online, if you are using this you can check your PF balance and you can check EPFO status of claim online. EPFO will provide you all the information which is useful to know you. EPFO login is one of the best investment schemes which is available for day to day working people.

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