EPF online payment: How to Pay Online Provident Fund Payment Online?

EPF Online Payment

Online EPF Payment

There are various kinds of funds related services being started by the government which is connected with different purposes. Similarly, EPF online payment is also a service that actually stands for the Employee Provident Fund which has been provided to the employees additionally with their salary. It is a kind of retirement benefit which has been provided to all the salaried employees.

This EPF online payment is maintained and overseen by the EPFO (Employees Provident Fund Organization). Every single company having more than 20 employees are required to register with the EPFO. Also you can download UAN passbook from the UAN portal.

EPF Online Payment

Procedure For EPF Online Payment:

Step 1: Visit the link https://www.unifiedportal-emp.epfindia.gov.in/epfo  for the online EPF transfer.

Step 1: Start with logging in with your User Name and Password.

Step 2: Now go to the ‘Payment’ tab and then ‘Payment (ECR)’ on the home page.

Step 3: You have to download the previous ECR file and save the same in the CSV format.

Step 4: Now open the CSV file using the Notepad and replace the comma with #~# to remove the blank lines and then save the file as the Text file.

Step 5: Click on ‘Proceed’ after uploading the text file and then go to the payment section.

Step 6 : There are option for pay Internet banking like SBI internet banking, etc.

Online EPF Payment through SBI Bank

  • First of all go to the SBI official website https://www.onlinesbi.com
  • After that enter on username and password
  • Then after login you see Payments/Transfers

Online EPF Payment

  • In the payment/Transfer click on Pay EPF
  • After generate TRRN challan you can pay EPF

Deduction Criteria of EPF From Salary:

You and your employer both start contributing 12% of your basic salary which is being transferred into your bank account online. The interest being generated on this EPF online payment is around 8-12% whatever is lower and declined by the government. The annual rate of interest is always available on the official website of EPF, India. The current interest rate on EPF is 8.75%.

EPF online payment is a kind of savings platform which ultimately helps the employees to save a fraction of their salary for their retirement. EPF online payment will remain active every time whenever you receive your salary. It is also required to update your EPF information on changing the job or migrated to a new company so that they can easily contribute the same.

How to Generate UAN Number Online

Here is the steps by which the employees can generate their UAN number:

Step 1: The employees first have to log in with their User Name and Password being provided by the employer.

Step 2: Now, they have to select the ‘Member’ tab to select the option of ‘Register Individual’.

Step 3: The employees have to fill the complete details with all the mandatory fields like the Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Father/Husband Name, Relationship Status, Date of Joining and then click on “Save”.

Step 4: All the details of the employee will appear at the bottom of the page and you will have to verify the same.

Step 5: Now, select the ‘Active Members’ area on the dashboard.

In this way, an employee can easily check his/her UAN Number.

Thus, EPF online payment is a very helpful scheme for the employees by which they can save a part of their salary for any emergency or for the retirement. In this way, they don’t have to depend on others in their old age.

Online EPFO E-Sewa Portal

In the event that you are holding your financial balance in any of the banks like SBI, Bank of India, HDFC Bank, Bank of Baroda and so forth then you can profit the EPF online payment office. It has been made obligatory for every one of the businesses to make the installment most recent by 15th of consistently as post that no any further expansion will be conceded. So other than wandering all over simply utilize the EPF online payment office and make the installment in the least demanding way.

EPFO e sewa is an extraordinary online office propelled by EPFO since 2012 to achieve the online receipt of ECR. You can utilize it by hitting the following url:


Managers need to enlist at this gateway to make a login id and password. After enlistment, a business can transfer the electronic return. The transferred information is then shown in a pdf organize. After endorsed by the business on the screen, an online challan is created. Also you can know what is OTCP portal? And how to its work.

Employers can appreciate a few online offices at this login portal to make their PF balance free.  EPF online payment is one of the conspicuous office offered by manager e-sewa login. The EPFO login additionally offers online offices for representatives to check PF balance status. The pending PF guarantee status is likewise checked on the web. Online EPFO member portal is an awesome office for managers to pay PF utilizing the EPF login and net keeping money. On the off chance that you have any disarray with the methodology, your remarks are welcome.

EPFO E-sewa portal is an extraordinary plan propelled by the EPFO, India. This plan was propelled in 2012 to make the EPFO benefits effectively available to the customers. Through this E-sewa you can have an online receipt of your ECR and can produce your TRRN.

Hope you understand how to pay easily EPF online payment. So basically you can create your Login Id and password at EPFO E Sewa portal. If you have not register then first of all register it by yourself. After registration you can login and see all the online UAN service related information like how to download UAN passbook, EPF Claim Status, EPF balance, both Employee and Employer contribution. For more information you can stay at our website or Visit governmentschemes.net.

EPF Claim Status: How to Check PF Claim Status online?

EPF claim status

PF Claim Status

Know how to check EPF claim status online? EPF is a scheme by which people can save a part of their salary for the emergency use and retirement. This EPF or Employee Provident Fund can now be accessed online in a few simple steps.

This EPFO service can be proved as a lifesaver for numerous employees who have no idea to access their EPF accounts. The government has started EPF claim status online service offers various features to the public to check their EPF balance along with downloading the PF pass books as well.

EPF claim status

There are few steps to be followed to check the EPF claim status online. You have to select the right place, state, region name, office code, region code, and office name to generate the correct and exact status of the claim or application submitted.

How to Check EPF Claim Status?

  • An applicant has to open the EPFO website first then click on the option ‘For Employers’ which is exactly under the section ‘’Our services’.
  • Then click on the option ‘Know Your Claim Status’ which is exactly under the section ‘Services’.
  • After this, click on the option ‘Click Here’ on the next page to know the exact claim status.
  • A new page will open then having a single field where you can select the state of PF office.

PF Claim Status

  • One will now see a complete list of the EPFO offices in the selected city.
  • Now, select the EPF office wherever the claim status is settled from a drop down menu.
  • The office code and the region code will automatically get filled on selecting the relevant office.
  • Now, you have to type in the establishment code of maximum 7 digits of your employer in the 3rd
  • You will need to fill in the 4th box instead of the 3rd one if there is any extension.
  • Now, fill your account number of maximum 7 digits in the 5th
  • You must recheck all the fields and proceed with clicking on ‘submit’ option.
  • You will now able to check your EPF claim status online.

Check PF Claim Status:

The government has started such a great facility in the form of online EPF claim status by which the employees can check their EPF claim status online by just following a few steps. It is mandatory for you to be a member of this OTCP EPF claim status for checking the balance online.

All people can avail this service if they have submitted a claim at any of the EPO offices in India to check the exact status of their applications. Any applicant must know his/her PF account number to access this service. If you have complain then you can called the UAN helpdesk number for your solution.

EPFO Claim Status Benefits

There are lots of benefits of this online EPF claim status feature by which the general public get a great relief. This feature allows you to check the exact status of the claim submitted to the EPFO office by reducing the visits to the place. One can also check his/her PF balance if the online EPF has been activated. It is a very simple and hassle-free process to check or track the EPF claim status. The status is being updated on a regular basis on having any single action.

Check PF claim Status by UAN Portal

  • First of all visit the UAN member portal website or visit
  • After open the UAN member portal website enter your username and password
  • Then you see different options are available like download UAN passbook online, Personal information, etc.
  • In the portal there are one option it is “Transfer claim” so you can transfer EPF claim status
  • In UAN portal you can change your personal profile like mobile number, Email address, Identity proof and more

So using above method you can check EPF claim status online. Also at our portal you can read more information about UAN and EPF like how to pay EPF online payment, latest government schemes like Kaushal vikas yojana and more. If you have any query related to PF claim status then freely contact our team or write in the comment box.

UAN Login: How to Download UAN Passbook From UAN Member Portal?

UAN Login

UAN Login at UAN Member Portal

All EPFO individuals must be acquainted with UAN. If not, this is the best place to know your UAN login information. Figure out how to get profited from all online offices gave by UAN member portal. EPFO acquainted general record number with give a changeless personality to the PF account.

Accordingly, a different UAN member portal is made to give different UAN based offices. EPF Members can enact their UAN enrollment to benefit online offices of this entry. Downloading UAN login card and passbook are the real advantages. Individuals can likewise refresh or adjust their KYC data at the entry. In the event that you have not yet gotten your all inclusive record number, you can check UAN status here. Also you can check how to pay EPF online payment online.

UAN Activation Status

UAN login is currently mandatory for all the PF holders. EPFO part gateway can be opened just through UAN based password and ID. Customer ID comprises of 12 unit digits while password is set by the client. Also you can check your EPF claim status online. Whoever needs to exploit UAN member portal benefit must create client id and password to enact the UAN login. This enrollment is required to know the EPF balance on the web.

UAN number is a Universal Account Number. Each EPF holder must have this UAN no. In the event that you don’t have UAN no with you, request that your boss offer it to you. On the other hand you can approach or apply for UAN number through UAN initiation status connect. This connection is given at the EPF or UAN member portal. UAN login is mandatory to enlist at UAN portal on the web. UAN no is the most ideal approach to check your PF status inside a limited capacity to focus time. It likewise checks the malwares happening in PF accounts.

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UAN Login Registration Process

To get register and acquire UAN login certifications, get your all universal account number from your boss. You will likewise require your member ID and mobile number to get enrolled. The principle advantage of this component is to get to various PF accounts under one umbrella. It additionally decreased a worker’s reliance on the business for withdrawals. In addition, it likewise helps experts to check defaulters. Experience the entire system of initiating UAN EPFO login registered shared further.

How to Login at UAN Member Portal

For  UAN  login you must have Universal account number otherwise you have to register at UAN portal. For UAN login follow the below process:

  1. Open the link epfoservices.inUAN Activation
  2. After open above website click on “Activate your UAN” so one new page is open
  3. Click on “I have Understood the Instruction”
  4. There are one UAN activation form is open in your screen
  5. After that fill the all details with UAN number and also fill the Member ID and Mobile number
  6. You will get one PIN (OTP type) and verify with your mobile number
  7. After enter the PIN number your registration will be complete
  8. Now you can login at UAN with your member ID and password

This will enact your UAN login online at the UAN member portal. Presently return to the homepage again and login utilizing your UAN number and password. Make sure to utilize your substantial mobile number and email address to the procedure. You may refresh or change your mail address and mobile number later at this portal.

How to Generate UAN Number Online?

If you want to generate your UAN service number then it is very easy. There is some process or document required. For the generate UAN number you must have know your EPF number and one mobile number so with this details you can create your account at UAN.

Check EPF Balance Using UAN Portal?

Now you can check your EPF balance using UAN Portal. There are option to download UAN passbook so you can see your full details like how amount is added and your contribution, etc. Also you know the EPF balance, PF claim status and many more  thorough online EPFO portal.

UAN Login Helpdesk

There are one helpdesk for employee if they forgot UAN number, password, lost mobile number or some other issue they will contact UAN helpdesk. The contact email address is uanhelp@epfindia.gov.in.

What is UAN?

A Universal Account Number (UAN) will be produced for each of the EPF contributing individuals, helping you know your PF status. What this UAN number does is that it permits you to for all time utilize the number regardless of employment change. It will stay with you the length of you are working and subscribing to the EPF. A few workers now have gotten their UAN number. We can now check the balance with this UAN number.

UAN member portal will now consume an inside room with the presentation of new UAN rules. The UAN login portal is helping the workers to do online PF techniques. Each representative must get the all inclusive record number from the business. On the off chance that you have still not got your number, check UAN status at our blog. When another part joins EPFO, a one of a kind UAN number is apportioned to the individual. The best preferred standpoint of this office is that it covers various PF account number under a solitary umbrella. This post controls the representatives to initiate and login the UAN member portal.

UAN Login

UAN offers various advantages to the EPFO experts too workers. All inclusive record number was propelled with a motivation behind limiting worker’s reliance on the businesses. A few data and methodology are currently online at the UAN member portal. We have recorded all the accessible offices which are exceptionally meaning for the workers. You can also check our EPFO UAN claim status through UAN portal. Experience the post and you will have the capacity to exploit these significant online offices. The post likewise demonstrates to you generally accepted methods to make utilization of these offices for various PF conventions.

UAN Activation Benefits

When you have UAN login, you can do loads of things without utilizing your PF number. Particularly, on the off chance that you have various PF account numbers, this office is useful. Taking after are the real favorable circumstances of UAN login initiation:

  • With the UAN number you can download your passbook
  • If you want to view your UAN passbook then it is possible any time
  • Check the claim status or withdrawal status online
  • Know EPF balance using missed call and SMS service
  • In the EPFO portal you can update your KYC information

If you have any query or doubt related to universal account number you can contact below UAN helpdesk number:

1800 118 005

Also you can contact your nearest EPFO offices. Call on the above UAN helpdesk in time of 9 AM to 5 PM working day.

It is also mandatory to download the PF withdrawal information and other services of PF. It is launched to avoid the misuse of PF account of any customer. If you have UAN no you can do UAN login and visit to EPF member portal.

In the event that you are an EPFO member, it is very prescribed to get UAN actuation. UAN login is a noteworthy office for representatives. It empowers representatives to do their critical PF related conventions all alone. The UAN number is substantial till your enrollment stays paying little respect to evolving organizations. UAN member portal is a noteworthy stride in course of EPF digitization. Since we hope to see numerous different offices accessible on the EPFO entries, it is the best thing to get acquainted with them. We shared many of government schemes information like Bharat QR Code, Digi dhan vyapar yojana, Kaushal vikas yojana and more. Hope you are understood all the process of UAN login. If you have any query related to EPF or UAN portal then contact through below comment box, also you can give feedback.

Bharat QR Code: How to Generate QR Code & What is QR Code Payment App?

Bharat QR Code

The Indian government has been making a major push for advanced installments since demonetization of old money notes and launched Bharat QR code . In a move to advance Digital India activity and energize cashless installments, the administration has presented Unified Payments Interface (UPI) for cell phones, and Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) based portable managing an account for fundamental and highlight telephones.

The legislature has additionally presented Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM) application, which is a brought together UPI application, and Aadhaar Pay that empowers you to profit utilizing Aadhaar card and your unique finger impression for biometric verification. Presently, to further facilitate the installments procedure, government has presented Bharat QR Code for cashless gadgets installments.

Bharat QR Code

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In the course of recent years, many individuals have proceeded onward from making money based installments to cashless installments utilizing credit and platinum cards. In any case, this method of electronic installment for cashless exchanges has strings joined as far as exchange expenses and the cost of owning and running the card swipe machines. With Bharat QR Code, the legislature has made yet another move to advance computerized installments by disentangling things for vendors and furthermore for the purchasers. How about we make a plunge somewhat more profound to comprehend what is Bharat QR Code about, how it works and what are the advantages.

Bharat QR Code-based installments

The QR code-based installments are acknowledged by most dealers crosswise over India, yet they are generally shut frameworks. Visa is a pioneer in QR Code installments and it has as of now propelled mVisa in India eighteen months prior. A year ago, DTH administrator TataSky had collaborated with Visa to permit and acknowledge QR code-based installments from its endorsers. Truth be told, mVisa is the broadly acknowledged installment alternative over the globe.

In November 2016, MasterCard propelled its ‘Masterpass QR benefit’ in association with Ratnakar Bank’s Ongo installment wallet. RuPay was additionally anticipated that would think of its QR code-based arrangement, however there is no word up ’til now. Since demonetization, e-wallet applications, for example, Paytm, Freecharge and Mobikwik, among others have likewise observed a surge in use. While these wallet applications likewise permit QR code-based installments, both sides need the application.

For example, on the off chance that you are exchanging cash utilizing Paytm, the beneficiary needs Paytm account and application introduced in their cell phone. In any case, there is no brought together answer for the same. Meaning, I won’t have the capacity to exchange cash from Paytm wallet to a beneficiary utilizing Freecharge or MobiKwik. This is the place Bharat QR Code will enormously offer assistance.

Advantages of Bharat QR Code?

  • You don’t need to stress any more over keeping cards for shopping.
  • You can pay simply utilizing your cell phone having Bharat QR code empowered Banking application.
  • You can interface numerous cards to your application and pick them as per your need.
  • In the event that you are a dealer then, You no longer need to put resources into any equipment for tolerating computerized installments.
  • A board with QR code is all that it takes to begin tolerating installments.

What is Bharat QR Code?

Bharat QR Code is a typical QR code worked for simplicity of installments. It is a standard that will bolster Visa, MasterCard and Rupay cards for more extensive acknowledgment. As of now, in the event that you need to make a cashless installment at most stores, you require a credit and check card to swipe and enter the PIN code for confirmation.

Bharat QR Code application

Be that as it may, Bharat QR code will empower the vendors to acknowledge advanced installments without the Point of Sale (PoS) swiping machine. It will permit clients of any bank to utilize their cell phone application to make installment utilizing their check card. As far as advantages, dealers will no longer need to put resources into purchasing the PoS machine. Without any PoS machine, traders will likewise have the capacity to get rid of the exchange expenses charged by the banks for utilizing the PoS terminal.

How to Use Bharat QR Code Payment Application?

  1. You have to connection the greater part of your cards to your Bank’s application and select the fitting card amid the installment.
  2. For installment you have to sweep shipper’s Bharat QR code utilizing inbuilt QR Code per user in the Bank’s application.
  3. The charged sum will then gets exchanged from your record to the vendor’s record.

How to make installments to shippers utilizing Bharat QR Code

Presently, Bharat QR is incorporated into ICICI Bank’s Pockets application and HDFC Bank’s PayZApp, with more banks anticipated that would overhaul their applications with support for the same. I had a go at making installment utilizing ICICI Bank‘s Pocket application and it had exactly the intended effect. To test the element, I produced a QR code utilizing BHIM application. Next, I utilized Pocket’s application to filter the QR code and the installment effectively experienced through UPI.

So, you will require your bank application or BHIM application introduced in your telephone. At the shipper’s store, open the application, tap on Scan QR Code or Scan and Pay (choice will contrast from one bank to the next) and filter the Bharat QR Code. Once the code is examined, you should enter the sum that you need to pay, include a comment and enter your four-digit password. When confirmation is finished, the cash will be exchanged to the shipper’s ledger.

By what method will shippers profit by Bharat QR Code?

Vendors will basically need to create the Bharat QR Code, take a print out and stick itat their installment work area. The installment will happen by means of (Immediate Payment Service) IMPS and the cash will be right away credited into their ledger. Not at all like Paytm, Freecharge and Mobikwik, vendors will no longer have confines on the measure of cash that they can acknowledge each month. Additionally, the bother of exchanging cash from wallet to ledger will be disposed of — further making it less demanding acknowledge computerized cash.

Security advantages of Bharat QR Code

Also our portal shared information on pravasi kaushal vikas yojana. Right now, when you give your credit/platinum card to swipe, there is insignificant potential outcomes of somebody catching pivotal points of interest, for example, card number, expiry date and CVV. While OTP alternative is empowered for two-stage check before verifying exchange, the danger of uncovering your card points of interest still remains. If there should arise an occurrence of Bharat QR code, the exchange is finished with upgraded security, and card points of interest stay in client’s control, which is a major preferred standpoint.

Cyber Swachhta Kendra: Know How to Prevent Cyber Attack?

Cyber Swachhta Kendra

Cyber Swachhta Kendra

When digital assaults are expanding by day, the legislature through its Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-in) on Tuesday propelled “Cyber Swachhta Kendra” — another desktop and versatile security answer for a protected the internet in the nation. The new arrangement will advise, empower cleaning and secure frameworks of end-clients to anticipate encourage contamination.

Presently you can download free applications to secure your desktop, portable workstation and cell phones from the Google Play Store or the recently propelled Cyber Swachhata Kendra site.

Cyber Swachhta Kendra

The administration through its PC crisis reaction group (CERT-in) has propelled new desktop and portable security answers for subjects as a piece of its botnet cleaning focus and malware investigation focus dispatch also called Cyber Swachhata Kendra.

Arrangements incorporates infection and malware indicative apparatuses, created by C-DAC or Center for Development of Advanced Computing, for example, AppSamvid or application white-posting device and USB Pratirodh instrument to control unapproved utilization of convenient USB stockpiling gadgets.

While AppSamvid, which deals with Windows PCs, permits just pre-affirmed applications or documents to execute and boycotts all infections, USB Pratirodh controls unapproved utilization of versatile USBs.

Another suite is the MKavach which is focused at cell phone security. The application for Android gadgets addresses dangers identified with abuse of WiFi, Bluetooth and camera. Every one of the arrangements are accessible gratis.

Digital Cyber Swachhta Kendra

“Propelled ‘Cyber Swachhta Kendra’ (Botnet Cleaning and Malware Analysis Center), a devil point of reference in different activities gone up against Cyber Security,” tweeted Union IT and Electronics Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad. “Propelled USB Pratirodh, it will control the unapproved use of removable USB stockpiling media gadgets like pen drives, outside hard drives. Propelled App Samvid, to shield Desktops from suspicious applications from running,” the priest included.

Then again, another botnet and malware examination plan is a piece of the Government of India’s Digital India activity under the service of hardware and data innovation (MeitY) to make a protected the internet by distinguishing botnet diseases in India and to tell, empower cleaning and securing frameworks of end clients to counteract encourage contaminations.

The “Cyber Swachhta Kendra” (Botnet Cleaning and Malware Analysis Center) is set up as per the goals of the “National Cyber Security Policy”, which conceives making a safe digital biological community in the nation. This inside works in close coordination and joint effort with Internet Service Providers and Product/Antivirus organizations,” the new site for the middle peruses.

The new site gives data and devices to clients to secure their frameworks/gadgets. Moreover, the cyber swachhta kendra site likewise offers instruments from Quick Heal antivirus to check disease on gadgets.

Cyber Swachhta Kendra Online

The move cyber swachhta kendra comes when the nation is reeling from cyber attacks in its budgetary area and more residents are turning towards advanced installments post the demonetization work out.

When digital assaults are expanding by day, the administration through its Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-in) on Tuesday propelled “cyber swachhta kendra” – another desktop and versatile security answer for a protected the internet in the nation.

The new arrangement will inform, empower cleaning and secure frameworks of end-clients to forestall assist diseases.

“Propelled ‘Cyber Swachhta Kendra’ (Botnet Cleaning and Malware Analysis Center), a devil turning point in different activities gone up against Cyber Security,” tweeted Union IT and Electronics Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad.

“Propelled USB Pratirodh, which will control the unapproved utilization of removable USB stockpiling media gadgets like pen drives, outer hard drives. Propelled App Samvid, to shield Desktops from suspicious applications from running,” the clergyman included.

USB Pratirodh is a desktop security arrangement that controls the utilization of removable stockpiling media like pen drives, outer hard drives and other USB-upheld mass stockpiling gadgets.

M-Kavach instrument offers an extensive cell phone security answer for Android gadgets tending to dangers identified with cell phones.

The move comes when more than 50,300 cyber security episodes like phishing, site interruptions and destructions, infection and disavowal of administration assaults have been seen in the nation amid 2016.

Online Cyber Swachhta Kendra

“According to the cyber swachhta kendra data answered to cyber swachhta kendra and followed by Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In), an aggregate number of 44,679, 49,455 and 50,362 digital security episodes were seen amid the years 2014, 2015 and 2016, individually,” Minister of State for Electronics and IT PP Chaudhary said in a composed answer to the Lok Sabha prior this month.

The Cyber Swachhta Kendra is a piece of the administration of India’s Digital India activity under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY).

The Cyber Swachhta Kendra consents to the destinations of the National Cyber Security Policy which goes for making a safe digital eco-framework in the nation.

The botnet and malware cleaning examination focus was reported in 2015 with a cost of Rs 100 crore. So government lauched program of cyber swachhta kendra.

As indicated by the new site of the investigation focus, it will work in close coordination and joint effort with network access suppliers and item/antivirus organizations.

Union IT serve Ravi Shankar Prasad, who propelled the new site, said that the legislature was chipping away at state-level PC crisis reaction groups (CERTs) and sectoral CERTs to guarantee stricter computerized vigil on the nation.

“Before the finish of 2017, the IT service will concoct another engineering that will permit it to work with state governments and sectoral CERTs under CERT-into keep up stricter vigil on the nation’s advanced biological community,” Prasad said.

The move comes after Union fund serve declared the CERT-blade under the yearly spending plan. The CERT-balance is required to help banks and other installment systems with digital security.

The priest likewise said that the nation was hoping to dispatch advanced legal sciences labs that would help follow computerized wrongdoing impression as nonexclusive scientific labs do.

“We will assign legal labs to attempt and take after the trail of advanced wrongdoing in the nation and give master investigation to help get the crooks,” Prasad said amid the dispatch of the botnet and malware examination focus.

USB Pratirodh is a desktop security arrangement that controls the use of removable stockpiling media like pen drives, outside hard drives and other USB-upheld mass stockpiling gadgets. M-Kavach instrument offers an exhaustive cell phone security answer for Android gadgets tending to dangers identified with cell phones. The move comes when more than 50,300 cyber security occurrences like phishing, site interruptions and disfigurement, infection and disavowal of administration assaults have been seen in the nation amid 2016.

“According to the data answered to and followed by Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In), an aggregate number of 44,679, 49,455 and 50,362 digital security occurrences were seen amid the years 2014, 2015 and 2016, separately,” Minister of State for Electronics and IT PP Chaudhary said in a composed answer to the Lok Sabha prior this month.

The Cyber Swachhta Kendra is a piece of the administration of India’s Digital India activity under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY). The Cyber Swachhta Kendra conforms to the destinations of the National Cyber Security Policy which goes for making a safe digital eco-framework in the nation. The botnet and malware cleaning investigation focus was reported in 2015 with a cost of Rs 100 crore. Also we shard pravasi kaushal vikas yojana information at our blog. As indicated by the new site of the examination focus, it will work in close coordination and joint effort with web access suppliers and item/antivirus organizations.

Jallikattu: Latest Jallikattu News and Images For Jallikattu Online

Alanganallur Jallikattu

Jallikattu, otherwise called Eru thazhuvuthal or Sallikkattu or Manju virattu, is a bull subduing occasion normally rehearsed in Tamil Nadu as a piece of Pongal festivities on Mattu Pongal day. Amid Jallikattu, a running bull is discharged into a horde of individuals. Members endeavor to get the bull’s protuberance and ride it for whatever length of time that conceivable, endeavoring to convey the bull to a stop.

The Supreme Court had prohibited Jallikattu in 2014, saying bulls couldn’t be utilized as performing creatures, either for Jallikattu or for bullock-truck races. Creature activists, Federation of India Animal Protection Agencies and PETA India have challenged the practice since 2004. The Animal Welfare Board of India recorded a case in the Supreme Court of India for an out and out restriction on Jallikattu in light of the remorselessness to creatures and the risk to open wellbeing included.

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2017 Jallikattu

In January 2017, some unknown gatherings led an efficient rally at Chennai Marina contradicting the boycott of Jallikattu.

Best Tamil film performers like Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan, Ajith, Suriya, Dhanush and a few others likewise assembled at the South Indian Artistes’ Association (SIAA) home office in Chennai for a quiet dissent in solidarity with the young of Tamil Nadu who have been challenging for the lead of jallikattu.

Tamil Nadu boss clergyman O Panneerselvam met PM Narendra Modi on 19 January and introduced a reminder to empower the direct of jallikattu. He amplified the stay and counseled lawful specialists to make all courses of action to lift the prohibition on jallikattu. On 20 January, the CM declared that a draft statute of the state government to lift the prohibition on jallikattu had been sent to the home service and will be discharged in a day or two.

Jallikattu Images

Here also shared lots of images of Jallikattu. Also we describe Jallikattu latest news and more.

Alanganallur Jallikattu 2017

Alanganallur Jallikattu


Jallikattu in Tamilnadu

  • Jallikattu was introduced by Health Minister C Vijayabhaskar in Pudukottai, where several youths participated. The perished were recognized as 32-year-old Mohan and Raja, 35, sources said.
  • Chief Minister Panneerselvam had said “enough security courses of action were made for Jallikattu, its being composed well over the express,” the AIADMK had tweeted.
  • In Allanganallur, individuals hindered the streets prompting to ‘Vaadi Vaasal’, the portal from where bulls turn out. Alanganallur, around 400 km from state capital Chennai, is the main place where Jallikattu is held as an official capacity of the administration. So holding it there would have implied that the game has formally begun in the state.
  • At Chennai’s Marina shoreline, where dissents have been on 24×7 since the start of a week ago, the group have not yielded. The dissenters have said they won’t permit the Republic Day festivities at Beach Road until the Jallikattu issue is settled. The police, which had not been at the challenge site in this way, turned up today in huge numbers.
  • The bull restraining sport, however, was held in Tiruchirappali region’s Manapparai, with thousands seeing the occasion. ‘Manjuvirattu’, another type of Jallikattu, was accounted for from towns in Dharmpauri locale.
  • All Tamil Nadu clergymen were normal introduce Jallikattu in their locale at 11 am today. “I encourage the young people, understudies and the overall population to make Jallikattu occasions crosswise over Tamil Nadu an excellent accomplishment by taking an interest in vast numbers,” the Chief Minister had said on Saturday.
  • Dismissing claims that the Jallikattu statute was a brief way out, Mr Panneerselvam has guaranteed to make the game lawful once the gathering session starts on Monday.
  • On Friday, the Supreme Court consented to not convey its decision one week from now after the Center called attention to that a choice could make lawfulness issues.
  • Jallikattu, which sees young fellows grappling with a bull in an open field amid the collect celebration of Pongal, was prohibited by the Supreme Court in 2014. A year ago, the Center permitted the game, however that choice has been tested in the Supreme Court.
  • During Pongal a week ago, hundreds resisting the boycott to hold neighborhood rivalries were captured, setting off an enormous backfire. Understudies led the pack in arousing individuals over the state. On Marina shoreline, thousands assembled as a major aspect of a serene dissent.

What  Panneerselvam Said on Jallikattu News Today

In the midst of challenges looking for a ‘perpetual arrangement’ guaranteeing holding of Jallikattu, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister O Panneerselvam, who couldn’t initiate the bull-restraining sport at the planned time at Alanganallur here, on Sunday said individuals there could sort out their preferred game at time.

Panneerselvam had on Saturday said he would introduce the occasion at Alanganallur at 10 am.

As dissidents requested a changeless answer for holding the game and raised trademarks that Ordinance was just an impermanent measure, Panneerselvam stated, the “state’s Jallikattu Ordinance course is perpetual, powerful and maintainable, will be made into a law in the coming Assembly session”.

Taking after the declaration of the mandate there is no boycott, he said.

The Chief Minister said the Ordinance will be supplanted by a law in the wake of getting a bill in the Assembly session, starting at Chennai on Monday.

Jallikattu 2017 images

Addressing columnists at Madurai, Panneerselvam stated, “The prohibition on Jallikattu has been evacuated totally, the game will be held at Alanganallur, out on the town chose by neighborhood individuals.”

He said Jallikattu was held in all parts of Tamil Nadu with the nearby organization and police taking every careful step to hold the game.

Jallikattu News 2017

Proceeding with barricades and fomentations here and Tamukkam grounds, other than neighboring Natham Kovilpatti in Dindigul, put a question mark over Panneerselvam introducing Jallikattu.

Panneerselvam, who had declared that he would initiate Jallikattu at Alanganallur, needed to remain in a lodging here after the mix there by nonconformists who requested a “lasting measure” to be set up.

Taking after that, Panneerselvam was relied upon to introduce Jallikattu at Natham Kovilpatti in Dindigul. In any case, dissents emitted there too making the interest for “lasting arrangement.” A top police official here said a gathering of men who were “prompting” the group were organizing challenges “for political reasons.”

Madurai District AIADMK wing MGR Mandram President Muthusamy faulted the DMK, and a Left-slanted ranchers body Vivasayigal Viduthalai Munnani and some ultra-Left outfits for the stalemate emerging out of the proceeding with challenges at Alanganallur. He told journalists that nonconformists did not need commonality to return.

Endeavors of previous State Minister Natham Viswanath and senior police and nearby authorities to mollify fomenters at Natham-Kovilpatti couldn’t break the ice.

Uneasiness won for some time as some unidentified people tossed water parcels, when talks were on. They likewise raised trademarks that the law was a brief measure.

Jallikattu News in Supreme Court

Suspecting test to its statute permitting bull-subduing sport jallikattu in the state, Tamil Nadu government has documented a proviso in the Supreme Court.

Tamil Nadu government’s standing insight Yogesh Kanna affirmed the improvement and said the state has encouraged the summit court that it ought to be heard on the off chance that anybody challenges the recently declared law.

“We have recorded the admonition in the Supreme Court yesterday requesting the state government to be heard in the event that anybody challenges the statute permitting jallikattu,” he said.

Tamil Nadu Governor Vidyasagar Rao had on Saturday affirmed the jallikattu law, with Chief Minister O Panneerselvam reporting that the bull restraining game will be held at Alaganallur in Madurai and different parts of the state on Sunday.

The Supreme Court had on Friday concurred not to pass a judgment for seven days on the jallikattu issue in the wake of considering the Center’s accommodation that they were in converses with Tamil Nadu to discover an exit plan in the matter.

Lawyer General Mukul Rohatgi had then said the matter before a seat containing Justices Dipak Misra and R Banumati that individuals of Tamil Nadu were “enthusiastic” about jallikattu and the Center and the state were attempting to determine the issue.

“The Center and the state are in converses with discover an exit plan in the matter and our demand is that the court ought not convey the judgment for no less than seven days,” Rohatgi told the seat.

On listening to the AG’s brief accommodation, the seat said “Alright”.

The summit court had saved its decision on 7 December 2015 on a clump of petitions testing the Center’s notice permitting the game.

Taking after this, the Center had issued a notice on 7 January 2016 lifting the prohibition on jallikattu in Tamil Nadu with specific limitations, which was tested in the pinnacle court by Animal Welfare Board of India, People for Ethical Treatment of Animals India, a Bangalore-based NGO and others.

The Supreme Court had on 21 January a year ago declined to reconsider its 2014 judgment forbidding the utilization of bulls for jallikattu occasions or bullock-truck races the nation over.

It had likewise remained the 8 January notice of the Center and addressed it over the warning permitting utilization of bulls in occasions like jallikattu, saying that its 2014 decision restricting the utilization of the creatures can’t be “invalidated”.

The court in its 2014 judgment had said that bulls can’t be utilized as performing creatures, either for jallikattu occasions or bullock-truck races in the conditions of Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra or somewhere else in the nation, and restricted their utilization the nation over.

The pinnacle court had likewise before proclaimed Tamil Nadu Regulation of Jallikattu Act, 2009 as naturally void, being violative of Article 254(1) of the Constitution.

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Telangana Single Women Pension Scheme

Single Women Pension Scheme For Telangana State

Telangana Cheif Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has presented another plan for the welfare of poor women of the each family by giving a month to month pension of Rs.1,000,and it is called Telangana single women pension scheme. This plan is exceptionally propelled for those women whose yearly income is under 2 lakhs and the plan will be actualized by the upcoming month of April.

As indicated by the reports, this declaration was made by the Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao in the State Assembly on 6th January 2017. He said that destitution delivers more wretchedness among women than men. Subsequently they have chosen to give a month to month annuity of 1,000 to those women.

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Telangana Single Women Pension Scheme

Budget Allocation For Single Women Pension Scheme

The Telangana Government will distribute reserves for the plan in the following State spending plan in March. Chief minister said that “instructing all district collectors to start registering details of single women eligible for the pension.” Make the list of such this types of women so She will get single women pension scheme.

C.M added that government also giving pension for the aged people under Asara scheme as he discussed at the past election time manifesto. . A plan to give ₹1,000 as month to month pension to women beedi specialists is additionally under usage, he said.

Telangana state government offering different schemes like Kalyana Laxmi and Shadi Mubarak schemes for the girls marriage. Many family received this schemes benefits and got Rs. 51,000 as financial help.

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GSSSB Technical Instructor Electronics & Communication Answer Key (Grade – C)

Gujarat Gaun Seva Pasandagi Mandal (GSSSB) has published Answer key for the post of Technical instructor Electronics & Communication or Computer. This Exam was held on 21st January, 2017. There was only one examination center available and it is Gujarat”s capital Gandhinagar.  The details information is below:

Answer Key: Click Here

Advertisement No: 78/2016-17

Exam Date: 21st January, 2017

Probably Result Date: After 2 month

GSSSB Technical Instructor Electronics & Communication Answer Key

I hope you will check Technical instructor Electronics & Communication or Computer answer key and if there will be any query then please contact to Gujarat Gaun Seva Pasandagi Mandal (GSSB) before 31st January 2017. After that your answer not valid. Also we will publish more answer key. So stay tunes for more updates and information.

Pravasi Kaushal Vikas Yojana

Prime Minister Narendra Modi  arranged  ‘Pravasi Kaushal Vikas Yojana’ for Indian youth under the skill development program. He addressed 14th edition Pravasi bharatiya divas at banglore and said that for Indian youngsters new scheme launch for looking abroad jobs.

The Pravasi Kausalya Vikas Yojana is intended to help the certainty level of the Indian youth with the goal that they didn’t feel outsiders when they arrive in a nation of their decision for job and guaranteed. “Independent of the work they pick, the legislature would offer them expertise improvement program.”

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Pravasi Kaushal Vikas Yojana

Pravasi Kaushal Vikas Yojana Scheme

Scheme Name: Pravasi Kausalya Vikas Yojana

Department: National Skill Development Corporation

Training center: Approximately 50 centers

Scheme launch date: 8th January, 2017

Scheme ending year: 2020

PM Modi said the Indian Government would contact the penniless individuals of Indian beginning whether it is medical  and haven issue or transportation of mortal stays of the individuals who pass on abroad. India would proactively address the necessities of Indian nationals abroad.

Modi declared a large number of new measures for the advantage of the abroad Indians, said more than 30 million abroad Indians living abroad had not just exceeded expectations in the fields they had picked additionally remained as good examples for migrants from different nations through their diligent work, culture, ethos and esteem and decent nature.

PMKVY Scheme

While adding to the economy of the nation they had experienced that had likewise guaranteed the advancement of the nation of their cause and said that the yearly settlement from abroad Indians remained at more than 69 billion dollar, which was a precious commitment to the Indian economy. Government declared approximately 50 training center will be open under Pravasi Kausalya Vikas Yojana. Across the country 50 different training center open through various programs.

PMKVY Scheme

He said “for those laborers who look for monetary open doors abroad, our exertion is to give most extreme help and guarantee slightest burden”.

Outside Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj has especially been proactive and incite in connecting with upset Indians abroad utilizing online networking. He made a directed reference toward assessment of individuals from nations which were confronting emergency and turmoil.

Head administrator said “We don’t see the shade of identifications, yet the blood relations we share” (Hum Passport ka rang nahi dekhte hain, khoon ka rishta dekhte hain).

He said before build up nearer ties with the youthful abroad Indians and he guaranteed abroad Indians that the welfare and security of all Indians abroad was the top need of the legislature.

Pravasi Kausalya Vikas Yojana Training Center

The Government of India aim is train approx. 1 crore Indian youngsters people under the country before year 2020. This plan will assist the youngsters not just in landing a position at global level however will likewise be valuable in different segments of life. By actualizing this plan the Government of India has made a major move to build the standard and method for living of the young of the nation. As the principle center of this plan the youth will have the capacity to get the work in different nations and will get an opportunity to gain a decent total of cash. So we can finish up by saying this is an extraordinary plan and all the youth members of the nation must take part in these instructional courses under the Pravasi Kaushal Vikas Yojana.

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Digi Dhan Vyapar Yojana

Digi Dhan Vyapar yojana

Needed best information on Digi Dhan Vyapar yojana! Government is pushing hard to advance computerized installments. It concocted the fortunate attract plan to energize advanced exchanges. This fortunate draw plan is for both, the client and shipper. The Digi Dhan Vyapar yojana is for the dealers. In this plan, vendors would get remunerate for tolerating advanced installments. Consistently 7000 traders get money remunerate.

Central government has propelled Lucky Grahak Yojana and Digi-Dhan Vyapar Yojana Jharkhand to empower the shoppers and shippers about the cashless exchanges. Government has additionally begin Cashless Service Competition 2016 for the usage of Lucky Grahak Yojana and Digi-Dhan Vyapar Yojana Jharkhand. Cashless Service Competition 2016 begin from 28 December 2016 at 10 AM and keep running till 30th December 2016 at 4PM.

Digi Dhan Vyapar Yojana

NITI Aayog has additionally conspire for businesspeople “Digi-धन Vyapar Yojana”. This can help computerized exchange as dealers likewise going to acknowledge cashless and advanced installments strategies. The other plan is for customers “Fortunate Grahak Yojana”. After the Demonetization it was extremely hard to get money from Banks and ATM. The Govt of India is making fundamental strides in increment less money economy. On eighth Nov 2016, PM Modi (Hon’ble Prime Minister of India) has issued see that legitimate delicate of Rs 1000/ – and Rs 500/ – notes has been done and you need to store these notes to banks.

What is Digi Dhan Vyapar Yojana?

The Digi-Dhan Vyapar Scheme is propelled by NITI Aayog and NCPI to upgrade computerized installments techniques in India. Govt of India and NITI Aayog has propelled Lucky Grahak Yojana for Consumers and Digi-Dhan Vyapar Scheme for Shopkeepers tolerating installments through four modes (UPI Apps, Aadhar based, Rupay Card and USSD Code *99#).

Digi Dhan Vyapar Yojana Scheme

The publication victor will get advanced cell as first honor and highlight telephone as second honor. The principal champ of Jingle/Song will get advanced mobile phone and the second victor will get include telephone. These honors will be given by the legislature under the Cashless Service Competition 2016. This plan increment the cashless exchanges under Lucky Grahak Yojana and Digi-Dhan Vyapar Yojana Jharkhand.

The principle objective of both plans is to motivator computerized exchanges so that electronic installments are received by all areas of the general public, particularly poor people and the white collar class. It has been planned remembering all areas of the general public and their utilization designs.

Digi Dhan Vyapar Yojana Features

his plan is for the vendors who acknowledge advanced installment.

  • The installment ought to be amid 9 Nov 2016-13 March 2017
  • The installment sum ought to be least ₹50.
  • The advanced installment surpassing ₹3000 would not be qualified for fortunate draw.
  • Each advanced exchange amongst customer and traders would be qualified for Lucky draw.

How to Register For Digi Dhan Vyapar Yojana Scheme

In the first place go to at digidhan.jharkhand.gov.in and tap on Registration a tab is open.

  • Enter your name
  • Enter your enrollment number
  • Enter your Email
  • Pick classification from Slogan, Poster, Jingle/Song
  • Fill your Slogan, Poster and Jingle/Song

In the wake of filling these subtle elements snap of “Submit” and your substance has been submitted at the site.

Conclusion of Digi Dhan Scheme

Hope you will satisfied with the above information on how to register for Digi dhan yojana, features and more. We accepted your feedback as well as suggestion. Also you can write your comment in the below comment post.

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