Online PDS Jharkhand:

The Jharkhand Government has decided to improve the PDS system to stop or reduce corruption. The PDS Jharkhand has been suffering from a huge trouble as most of the distribution outlets cannot even identify many cardholders due to their missing fingerprints and this one factor lacks in the equal distribution of the commodities.

In the PDS Jharkhand system, the machines installed are able to recognize only about half of the cardholders and rest has resulted in the denial of ration cards and inappropriate Aadhar technology in the rural section of Jharkhand.

Jharkhand PDS

What is Jharkhand PDS?

PDS stands for Public Distribution System (food security system), being established by the Government of India and this system comes under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food, and Public Distribution.

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The PDS means the equal distribution of all the essential commodities to a larger section of the society via the fair price shops. These essential commodities include wheat, rice, sugar, and kerosene. This system was first introduced by the Government of India in 1940.

Economist Reviews On Public Distribution System (PDS):

As said by the economist, Jean Dreze, he is a person who has worked a lot on the issues related to hunger, famine, gender, child health, inequality etc., the new system, i.e. In PDS Jharkhand requires a lot of new or fragile technologies to work properly at the same time. He also suggested to collecting all the ground data properly to enter the unique identity numbers of the cardholders in order to link the same with the ration cards.

PDS Jharkhand

PDS Control Order in Jharkhand:

It has been announced that in the PDS Jharkhand will be implemented soon by issuing the control orders for the same. This statement was announced by the Food and Supply Minister of Jharkhand state, Saryu Rai. He also announced that the food grains will also be provided to the Below Poverty Line (BPL) and the Above Poverty Line (APL) at the subsidized rates and the state government now has to allocate the additional funds for the same in order to improve the PDS in Jharkhand. About 1,78,000 fake ration cards being issued to the BPL families have been deleted from the lists. He also stated that the Jharkhand government will pay the compensation to those BPL cardholders who have failed to get the foodgrains from the PDS shops due to some reasons.

PDS Jharkhand’s Status:

Jharkhand is a state where numerous people are finding themselves as deprived of the PDS entitlements. Jharkhand had thus made it compulsory to link the Aadhar Card Numbers of the cardholders to encourage the Aadhar based biometric authentication to reduce the corruption in the department of PDS Jharkhand.

The PDS Jharkhand has strongly favored this new technology to reduce the corruption in the PDS and it was linked to the Consumer Affair Ministry as to fix the accountability of the officials. The Jharkhand PDS has found that multiple ration cards have been issued as fake to the one same person to create a dilemma for the dealers working under the Public Distribution System (PDS).

The government has now announced to provide about 5kg rice and wheat every month to more than about 2.33 crore people at the rate of Re. 1/- only. This is such a great step taken by the government to improve the PDS in Jharkhand. The process of checking the Unique Identity Numbers of the cardholders is now enhanced well to stop the corruption in the PDS. This step was taken by the government after a research in which the Ranchi district was found guilty to prepare about 7,000 duplicate cards.

In the PDS Jharkhand, the department of food and civil supplies has now decided to link the ration cards with the Aadhar card numbers being issued to the public to eliminate the duplicity and about 70 lakh cards have been already linked. At our portal we will many of government schemes like QR code bharat, EPF related information how to check PF claim, login at EPFO, check UAN online status and more. So connected with us more information!

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